I Am Arbonne.


  • I’ve been around since 1980.
  • I’ve gone global!  You can find me in the United States, Canada, Australia, UK, Poland and I will be expanding into the Asian market next.
  • I give you an International online business from day one, and you don’t have to stock or deliver my products.
  • I have a results-oriented product line, and a system for success that produces results.  I have an award-winning, online training program, which takes the guesswork out of starting a new business.  I’m internet-based and I teach you step-by-step how to build a business.
  • The original mastermind behind my proprietary formulations has also formulated the products for La Prairie, a luxury anti-aging line.
  • You won’t find me in stores, or magazines, or paying for expensive models.  All of the people in my catalog are MY people and their families.
  • I have consumable products.
  • My market is EVERYBODY.
  • I am the first upscale, Swiss-forumlated, botanically-based skincare and Health & Wellness line distributed through network marketing.
  • I’m Vegan-Certified, paraben-free and I’m packaged with recyclable materials and non-toxic vegetable inks.
  • My industry was estimated at $70 billion in 2005 and was projected to reach $1.5 trillion by 2015. I’m being fueled by three trends:
    • Anti-Aging:  Baby boomers represent 64% of the economic market today and are pushing the demand for anti-aging products, and also looking for extra streams of income due to economic uncertainty.
    • Pure, Safe, Beneficial:  Consumers are becoming more knowledgeable and want products that are safe for the earth, as well as their families.
    • Ownership: Millennials are the largest generation in the U.S., representing one-third of the total U.S. Population in 2013.  This is the first generation to have had access to the Internet during their formative years.  They are also the most diverse and educated generation to date.  In the current state of our economy, people are looking to me as a viable business opportunity.
  • I can be built alongside your current job profession.
  • My start up cost is minimal ($79) in comparison, and one you can earn back within the first few months of starting your business with me.
  • I have an excellent compensation plan.  The average monthly income range for my Regional Vice President is $5,508, based on just one of my four streams of income.
  • The average time it takes to reach my National Vice President level is 37 months.  There is no cap to how much you can earn.  What you earn is based on the amount of effort you put in.  It takes a successful person approximately ten (productive) hours a week to be successful.  Some of them have never had a “party”.  All you need is WiFi.
  • You can surpass your colleagues ahead of you.
  • Although there is relatively low awareness of my brand, that just means a huge opportunity for me to gain momentum!  As of January 2012, there were less than 2600 people at any of my four management levels across all of Canada, and less than 1200 across Ontario, which has a population of over 12 million people.
  • After only ten years of being in Canada, I’m already on the TOP TEN list of Direct Selling companies.
  • In addition to my extremely generous compensation plan, I am honored to recognize your efforts through:
    • partnerships with Tiffany’s, Swarvski, and Stefano jewelers
    • amazing trips to NYC, Hawaii, Caribbean and European cruises, Bahamas, Hong Kong, Thailand, and more
    • a Mercedes Benz Cash Bonus program at the Regional Vice President level.

I am Arbonne.  I’m building a team and I’m looking for people who would share this information to help change lives!


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