Change Your Perspective

As with anything, I had a million questions as to why I should invest my time and energy into a company. “What’s in it for me?”  “Why should I spend my time doing this?”  “Will the products benefit me?” (me me me……)

Well, it turns out this business isn’t really about me at all!

This business is about sharing Arbonne with people who’ve been looking for it, but couldn’t find it on their own.  I challenge you to ask 5 people today if they’ve heard of Arbonne.  Believe me, you’ll understand why you’d want to invest your time and energy.  It’s about helping others and about the HEALTH AND WELLNESS of other people.  Why wouldn’t I share something like that?

you-have-two-hands-one-to-help-yourself-and-one-to-help-othersWhat if those people have been looking for my product for years, but didn’t know where to find it?  Arbonne is a highly regarded premium brand with a Swiss heritage.  The products are healthy, botanically-based and inspired by nature.  We have a results-oriented product line, and a system for success that produces results, too.    Arbonne is a 36-year old Health & Wellness company.  Health & Wellness is a multi-billion dollar industry.  According to DSA, Personal Care items = $5.4 billion in sales annually.  Health & Wellness = $8.5 billion annually!  So, we have (two) multi-billion dollar industries in one incredible opportunity!  Hmm…


You probably want to know what makes Arbonne different, right?  (I did!)  If the ingredient isn’t pure, and not safe for you (or the environment), it doesn’t go in our products. People BENEFIT from the results.  Arbonne is vegan-certified, gluten free, no GMO’s, no petrolatum and has no animal by-products.  Arbonne follows the European Cosmetic Directive, which is much stricter than the United States. 1200 chemicals are banned in Europe vs. 10 in the United States, and you can only purchase Arbonne products via Arbonne Business Consultants.

What Arbonne Consultants do is TEACH and TRAIN people to use Pure, Safe, and Beneficial products AND turn that expense into an income.  We all take showers, we all brush our teeth, we take vitamins, drink protein shakes, use body lotion, put on makeup, etc.  We teach people to turn daily household expenses into income.  Arbonne Consultants educate people about the importance of pure, safe and beneficial personal care and nutrition products.  Because I represent a company with CONSUMABLE products, I will get reorders from those that fall in love with them.  Arbonne also has an amazing, and very resourceful, virtual detox boot camp for your nutrition clients.  You get your clients on the products, and the team will take it from there with all of the support they need.  When someone joins our company, we teach them STEP-BY-STEP how to build a business.

Can I pass up and make more money than my sponsor?  ABSOLUTELY!  I can pass up every person in my upline if I put in the effort and work my business.  Does it take effort?  Of course it does!  While I get a nice discount on all Arbonne products, I make extra money, get tax deductions, and become an entreprenuer from home, which isn’t a bad accolade on my LinkedIn profile!

Sit back for a second, take a deep breath, and look at your future.  The opportunity in front of you may turn out to provide you with the life you’ve always wanted.


Sharing is Caring!