I Worked Hard…Now Pass the Sugar

Ever say, “Oh man, I ate terrible this weekend…I need to workout a LOT this week?” or “Sweet! That was a killer workout today…now I can have this treat!”

NOOOOOOO, people! You can’t! It does nothing.


JUST working out isn’t getting you healthy. If you’re consistent with it, YES you build strength, some definition and get lean, BUT if you are still eating crap food, you STILL GAIN WEIGHT!

When you get your health right, you’ll find the energy to work out. It just so happens I know of this awesome elimination plan that worked for me. I saw 10 pounds and 5 inches melt away, and I’m still going!  I’ve developed a lifestyle change.

That’s better than ANY exercise could ever do, and it takes less than a month of your time. E-Mail me if you want to join me in our next 28-day clean eating challenge, or fill out the form in the right margin.

All 28-day clean eating challenge virtual groups are free.  Every Friday during the challenge, we post recipes for the next week.  The nutrition kit we use from Arbonne is gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and has no artificial sweeteners (it’s all plant and botanically-based).

The nutrition kit gives you (2) bags of protein to make meal-replacement shakes, muffins, pancakes, protein bars (and more), along with a bag of soluble, tasteless and heat resistant fiber to add to your protein.  You’ll get (2) boxes of energy fizz sticks to help build your electrolytes as well as B12s (this also helps you eliminate any coffee, soda or bad-for-you energy drinks), AND you’ll get a 30-day supply of probiotics and enzymes, (2) boxes of herbal detox tea (to help remove toxins and support liver & kidney functions), and a 7-day cleanse drink (that we use in week 3 to remove extra heavy metals).

As for the plan, it’s a virtual group that helps educate you on allergenic, acidic and addictive foods.  You’ll replace them with alkaline-forming foods and drinks.  You get weekly recipes of shakes, snacks and meals and a huge support system.  This program really works for everyone and can be customized for you.

What if you could do it for a deep discount?

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