3 Things to Consider Before Jumping Into the World of Entrepreneurship

If you are thinking about entering into the world of Social Networking, it’s important to do a little research about what you’re getting into and WITH WHICH COMPANY you’re getting into.  Here are a few things to consider before jumping into the world of entrepreneurship.

1. Does the company offer CONSUMABLE products?

Having a range of consumable products makes a HUGE difference.  If you have consumable products, you get repeat orders.  It’s much easier to sell products people are already using and help them understand the importance of using better products.  Network Marketing cuts out the middle man.  In a traditional business, the product has to go through several channels, so basically, consumers have to pay the wholesaler, warehouse, sales force and the retailer, which is all built into the cost of the product. In traditional sales, you get a product that is of lesser quality, if it’s to be affordable.

2. Who’s your target market?

If you’re going to invest in a business opportunity, don’t you think that you should speak to the needs of each demographic?  The two fastest growing industries in the world are network marketing and HEALTH AND WELLNESS! People are becoming label-readers and they care about what goes on their skin and what goes in their bodies now more than ever.  Honestly, 10 years ago no one really cared about “gluten free”, but now they do.

3. Does the company give you the opportunity to build a business alongside what you already do?

This is an awesome “Plan B” opportunity, and for many of us, it’s an incredible “Plan A.” So choose wisely.  Be sure your company is internet-based so you can have the flexibility to run your business from your smartphone, from anywhere in the world.  Ever hear of the cloud?

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