The Top 4 Excuses in Business

Are you the “I don’t have time” type?
How about “I don’t have enough money!”
“I’m not a salesperson!”
Do you think you don’t know enough people?

Yes, we’ve all been there.  We create an excuse to turn up our noses at an opportunity we know nothing about…Network Marketing. (or Social Networking)

Sound familiar?

First off, how much time do you think you need?  All it takes is a little effort each day.  Can you carve out ten hours a week?

If you don’t have the money to invest, it just shows how much you could probably use a part-time opportunity.  If you stay focused on the activity, you’ll get a return on your investment.

And what makes you think you need a sales background? This isn’t about hiring the best salespeople. Network Marketing is about people who like to help people, and sharing things they love. Everyone sells, whether it be “traditional” sales, or “ideas,” right?

Tell me something…How many people do you think you need to know?  WE ALL KNOW PEOPLE!  Network Marketing isn’t necessarily about who you know, it’s about who you have yet to meet. A few of the things you’ll for sure take away from a network marketing business are the friendships you build, your personal growth, and changing peoples lives.

You need a WHY.

I’ve decided that I want to have something of my very own outside of being a mother and a wife.  I want to surround my daughters with proof that when you work really hard at something you’re passionate about, that’s OF VALUE TO OTHERS, it’s possible to have fulfilling work while having a life.  I want to take the financial pressure off my husband.  I want to play a role in supporting our family.  I crave a sense of purpose; I want to be fulfilled by the daily impact I get to have on others.

If you’re in business like me, share your why below!

Sharing is Caring!