Build A Foundation

Words cannot describe what I just experienced at Arbonne’s Global Training Conference. When they say “it’s the event of the year, you don’t want to miss it,” that’s an understatement. The amount of joy I felt walking into this arena every day, with 18,000 people who have the very same vision…I can’t describe it in words.  That’s why I posted some pics below.  Granted you won’t get the FEELS I had while taking those photos, just understand how grateful I am to have found an avenue to give back and to help others overcome health challenges with a program that WORKS. 


It’s about giving back; being the change for others. We exceeded our goal this past weekend and raised $350,000 to help teens in need.

NO EXCUSES!  John O’Leary didn’t have ’em!

Have you ever wondered where your family would be if you could take them on vacations when you wanted to, not when you can afford to?

Helping others make better choices in health and wellness has truly been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. As with any new business, it was a slow start, but I turned that time into an “educational phase.” It’s a little trial and error, but now I get it.  It truly doesn’t happen overnight; it takes a good ten hours a week, and the understanding that this isn’t handed to you on a silver platter, overnight.  It’s about your foundation.  To build a really tall building, you’ve got to dig a really deep foundation.

It’s a business!  Motivated people should HAVE. A. BUSINESS.  Be an entreprenuer!   DRIVEN people (who have friends and love to network), should show that passion and HAVE. A. BUSINESS. to be passionate about!

I have a full-time job working for an AMAZING company, and although I don’t intend on going anywhere anytime soon, I have to be doing multiple things to feel productive.  If you can multi-task, you can run a business.  So, being the highly-organized “juggler” that I am, I get to PLAN how my virtual shows will go, I get to dive into social media on a daily basis (either by flipping open a laptop, or utilizing a little gadget called a smartphone), and I get to share a lifestyle I’m truly passionate about via my blog, Syrah & Smoothies.

I’m so glad I jumped in when I did.  It’s not hard to hold FOUR virtual Arbonne parties in one week.  FOUR!  People won prizes, I met new friends, and each shindig was SO interactive and engaging that I just want to let the world know how EASY this is!  (Thank you to all my hosts!  You were fabulous.)

Don’t be that person who gets in their own way and makes excuses without giving this a shot.  I don’t get it!  You’re obviously interested.  This opportunity is for everybody! (18+, that is.)  I just witnessed my sponsor (pictured below), who has only been with Arbonne for a couple of years, get a set of keys to her new white Mercedes Benz.  I mean, COME. ON!  In the beginning, I couldn’t understand how Sarah, making the type of money she does in her full-time job as a Financial Advisor with JP Morgan, be even remotely interested in a direct sales business.  She works 60-70 hour work weeks, but pays ALL OF HER BILLS through her part-time side business!  Having that extra income allows us to make time for those things we enjoy!  It allows us to have choices, and be happy, and have FUN!

sarahhandyarbonne2016  sarahhandybenz

Support? Check.
Trainings? Check.
Multiple private online groups? Check.
Resources? DOUBLE CHECK!

Remember, it takes time to find your groove.  Have some FUN and get creative! You can do this business if you have that drive to “do more”.

Contact me to learn more. You can find more information on my Facebook business page, or simply email me at  The beauty of this business is you can totally do this in the nooks and crannies of your day.  No matter which profession you’re currently in, there’s a story of someone who did that too.  Arbonne Success Stories

Join this amazing team!


2017 Global Training Conference – Las Vegas, NV – April 20-22, 2017



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