Attention: Busy People

Got a second?  I bet you are, bar none, the busiest person your friends and family know, and you may NOT have the time so here’s the deal… you and I both know that if you want to get something done, you ask a busy person, right?  So, would you do me a favor? Put your thinking cap on because I want one person, just like you (who’s busy), but also wants to build a residual income alongside all their crazy commitments.


Because we are living in an information age. As Manuel Castel once said, “We know that technology does not determine society; it IS society.  Society shapes technology according to the needs, values and interests of people who use the technology.”  The concept of building and owning a network of consumers who shop online — I mean, really?!  People are teaching others how to create an asset; a residual income that in turn, creates an annuity!  

A convergence of trends is causing this to happen.  New technologies, public awareness,  and people are demanding safer products! Health and wellness is on the tipping point of a trillion dollar industry!

The employment landscape has changed so much, that for the first time ever, there are four generations in the workforce (each looking for something different), and a fifth one on the way!  People are realizing that they need to start creating financial b-plans (exit strategies), which create more time and balance in their lives.  SO MANY people have this antiquated understanding about what network marketing looks like in the 21st century.  (Believe me, that was me too).  I had a VERY 20th-century perspective, but things have changed; the internet has changed the world.  Why do you think Warren Buffet owns FIVE network marketing businesses?  I’d be happy to tell you!  Give me your number. 

All of my company’s digital storefronts (in America) cost $79.  For $79, my company (Arbonne) will host your storefront, you’ll receive your business in a box, and you are going to have access to every single tool you could possibly imagine. (Every training, every pdf, and every webinar that you could possibly need).  

This business has a couple of different components

1)  I teach people how to build a virtual franchise by showing them how they could utilize all the technology available at their fingertips to build a business… much like a retail franchise, but people access this ONLINE!

2)  I teach people how to take an acquisition that they’re making every single day in the personal care spectrum and redirecting them to buy far safer, vegan, non-GMO products from a digital storefront, which is connected to the cloud and goes home to our warehouse in Irvine, California.

Here’s the deal…

Arbonne, Avon, Amway, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef (which Warren Buffett owns, by the way) all have one thing in common. They each cut out the middleman, just like the internet did.

Listen, I know this is out of the blue, but maybe you should take a look at what we’re doing. It could be a gap-filler for you and your family.  If you don’t think it’s a good  fit, I totally get it! I would still love for you to at least sample the products.  I can drop a pack in the mail tomorrow.

Someone out there is looking for an opportunity like this, so please share this with them.  Who do you know who’s looking for something more than just being a mother and a wife, who’s looking for a plan b, loves health and wellness, and loves helping others? Link them to this article, or have them email me at


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