Born For Impact

I’m on a mission to serve, big time!  Not one person at a time. Not once in a while. As many people as humanly possible.

A shift is happening.  People are creating exit strategies so they can have more time and balance in their lives.  Many brick and mortar businesses are closing, so why not earn residual income while preparing for impact?  A convergence of trends is causing this to happen.  It’s real, and it’s happening. New technologies, public awareness, and people are demanding far safer products.  The employment landscape has changed so radically, and for the first time EVER there are four generations in the workforce (each looking for something different), with a fifth one coming up! 

In addition to the 265 closings that have already been announced this year, Sears has just announced that it is closing 43 MORE stores in the US.  One of my dear friends also just closed the second of her two children’s clothing stores. Why? Because most shopping is done online. When I was younger, I never heard announcements like this. It’s a scary thought!  I have a family and I’m not about to gamble with the unexpected.

Shopping online – just like you would from Amazon – THAT is the future.

Direct buying with no middle man, and no overpaid movie star promoting the products that you KNOW they don’t use.  We live in an information age.  The concept of building and owning a network of consumers who shop online — I mean, really?!  Amazon is not going away. Neither is my online health and wellness business that been around for 37 years. It is pure joy.  What’s YOUR plan?

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