Health Tip – What We Drink

I LOVE coaching others into a healthier lifestyle.  We share so much great education in our virtual Bootcamps.  Today,  lets talk about what we drink. There are still so many soda drinkers out there!  Soda is so highly acidic and addictive, and likely harming your health.  It’s nothing but SUGAR WATER and there is absolutely NO nutritional value.  Most disturbing, it leads to obesity, diabetes, and memory loss.

Try taking it out for just a week to see if you go through terrible withdrawals.  If yes, it’s doing some damage and you need to S.T.O.P.  We teach so much more on soda, but just read through a few of these side effects. That should be enough to cut it out.

On the healthier side,  there’s really great benefits to drinking water and adding lemon to your water. Also, try some herbal tea or green tea in replacement of coffee for even MORE health benefits.

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