Testimonial Tuesday

“Ok so I have never put a before and after picture of me, but I am today. Kind of embarrassed about it, but it is what it was! When I say Arbonne changed my life, I really mean it. It’s not just the 30+ lbs I have lost. It’s my health that I gained!! My IBS that I suffered from for over 17 years (mind you I would take 4-5 Imodium AD 3-4x a week) is about 90-95% better, no more migraines and after suffering from Vertigo since I was 8 y/o (having 5-10 nasty attacks a year), I have only had 1 in 4 1/2 years.”

Even if you aren’t looking to lose weight, but may just not be feeling 100%, this 28-day challenge is for you. The next one starts on August 21st!  Who’s ready to start feeling good, or is ready to shed a few pounds? Comment below!

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